Sr. M. Rosalie Steever, MC

Many of you who attended our wedding had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Kelly Steever, my roommate in Montevideo, Uruguay, and many of those who did have inquired about her so I thought I’d provide this update. Kelly & I spent an academic year abroad in the home of Luis & Malena Arzuaga almost nine years ago while we attended La Universidad Catolica del Uruguay. While we were away, Kelly found her vocation to the religious life, and more specifically, the Missionaries of Charity. It was a beautiful thing to watch – she fell deeply in love with Christ and the poor and the perfect match for her was Blessed Mother Theresa’s religious order. When we returned to the United States, Kelly finished her bachelor’s degree, paid off her school loans, and made preparations to enter religious life. This last May, she took her first vows and the name Sr. M. Rosalie Steever, MC (Missionary of Charity). I must confess, I have not been very good about staying in touch with Sr. Rosalie and since she cannot write to non-family members during her formation, she has not been able to update me as to her whereabouts. I know she started her studies in New York City (the Bronx), then went to Mexico City, and then to California. I recently got a hold of her mother in South Dakota who was able to give me her current information in CA and the picture posted below. I don’t have to tell you how happy she is – the picture really is worth a thousand words. Living with Sr. Rosalie for a year is one of the greatest blessings of my life. And her example of simple joy, unceasing charity and a genuine desire for holiness truly humble me.

I searched around on-line to find a good website for further reading on the Missionaries of Charity, but somewhat not surprisingly, they have no official website. I found a good description of the order and we’ll have to leave it at that – The Missionaries of Charity reach out to the poorest of poor, taking in the destitute and the dying, bathing their wounds and helping those about to pass on, to do so with dignity. I also found this daily schedule. I thought you’d find it interesting:

Sister Rosalie.JPG A typical day in the life of a sister:

04:30 am Arise
05:00 am Morning Prayer
06:00 am Meditation
07:00 am Mass
07:30 am Breakfast
08:00 am Cleaning
09:00 am Missionary duties
12:00 pm Prayer
12:30 pm Lunch
01:30 pm Rest
02:00 pm Tea
02:30 pm Missionary duties
05:00 pm Adoration
07:00 pm Laundry
07:30 pm Supper
08:00 pm Recreation
09:00 pm Prayer
09:30 pm Retire

8 thoughts on “Sr. M. Rosalie Steever, MC

  1. What a beautiful smile! I’m glad Sr. Rosalie has found her vocation and followed it–I think you both “grew” during the experience in Uruguay and it was good for both of you!

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  3. You are so fortunate to have a friend so close to Christ. She really looks happy and I’m sure it will rub off on you. So glad you’re going to see her–it will be great for both of you.

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  5. +Crux Sancta Sit Mihi Lux+

    Thank you so much for raising an amazing daughter! She was my 3rd grade teacher at Holy Trinity, and even though I only knew her for a year, she changed my life! I wouldn’t be the man I am today without her. This next year I will be entering the seminary and she has had the greatest influence on my decision. Her example of love and humility sometimes bring me to tears as I reflect on how God has worked through her to me. So, from the joy of my tears to the bottom of my heart THANK YOU! If it wasn’t for you’re motherhood, I would still be lost.

    Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

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