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For those who would like a glimpse into the mind of a mother with three girls – 3 & under, I share this story. I got an email from my aunt this morning wishing me a Happy Birthday – I thought excitedly, it’s my birthday? I smiled. Slowly, the questions started forming, but I wasn’t convinced it was not my birthday until I looked at the calendar and saw that there are still 2 weeks to go. The good news is that y’all still have plenty of shopping days left. 🙂


This week I learned that dentists (okay, just one dentist) are like car salesmen. I chipped my front tooth biting a fork (not my best moment) and asked my dentist if there was anything he could do about it. At first, he said it was best to leave it alone, but on my next visit he suggested we put some bonding on it. I decided to go ahead and do it when I got a filling on Monday since I would have already met the deductible. After supper on Tuesday night I looked in the mirror and the bonding was gone! So today I went back to the dentist to discuss things. He wasn’t surprised at all that the blasted thing didn’t last 24 hrs. His response was, “I said no guarantees. It’s a high stress area.” Nice. I told him that under no circumstance did I think I was signing up for something that wouldn’t last a day. Based on what he said, I understood that it wouldn’t last forever, but I was expecting a few years. He actually laughed when I said that and said that he knew it was only going to last a few weeks or months! In fact, he said that the first time I bit into something it would fall out! Needless to say, we had a MAJOR communication breakdown!! The good news is that besides the money I’m out (which is not a terrible amount considering what my insurance covered), I’m actually back where I started. I came home frustrated and related it all to JR and complained that my “medical professional” didn’t do what was best for me – that he was just looking for a way to make money. JR’s response, “You never noticed his Viper in the parking lot advertising Invisalign?” Wouldn’t you know it, he did say that my only alternative at this point would be to use Invisalign to pull the tooth down so that it could be sanded off (that or buy two porcelein verneers – either of which would run me $3000 smackeroos)!


Sometimes reading blogs is really uplifting and sometimes it makes me freak out for my inadequacy. Lately, a lot of women are writing about their Spring Cleaning plans. I am still trying to get my head above water and balance life with the three girls so it seems like I should get a pass on Spring Cleaning this year (not that I’ve ever done as extensive a job as some of the lists I’ve seen lately). The trouble is that my house could really use a good scrubbing. It’s been so neglected in the last year. Maybe I’ll save my birthday money and hire a housecleaner! I got that for a gift before Molly was born from some of my dear friends and that was the best gift ever!!


So yesterday I took the babies shopping while Liv was at school. It actually went rather well, all things considering. And we stopped for a snack at The Kolache Factory. Yum! While we were sitting enjoying our treats, a group of students (I would guess nursing school or pharmacy school) came in and were having a snack of their own. They proceeded to have a very interesting conversation and I’ll be honest, I listened to the whole thing. Hey, we were in this little kolache shop and I was just standing there eating a kolache with nothing to do but listen. Here are some snippets:

One girl says to another, “Hey, I heard you talking about having a baby with him – you need to check yourself.” (that was what first thing to get my attention, but I didn’t hear the response)

Later, the girl who needed to check herself said of the recent octuplets, “I’d never have 8 babies – I’d do that reduction thing.”

And to my surprise, the first girl said, “You’d systematically whack some of them?”

The first girl then told a story about having worked in a pediatric unit and taking special care of one baby in particular. “He really loved me and only quit crying for me,” she said. “Then he pooped on my arm.”

At that point they started talking about an upcoming exam. There were to be questions about cancer, but not the drugs to treat cancer. Somehow they started talking about people who use drugs. The first girl said “smoking crack should make you infertile. I think I am infertile, or maybe my boyfriend is.”

The girl who hadn’t said anything yet said, “I wish I was infertile.”

The first girl said, “My friend wonders why people on crack can have babies and she can’t. She’s had four miscarriages.”

The girl who was supposed to ‘check herself’ for wanting a baby said,”I’d want a boy and I’d probably get girls. Girls run in my family. My grandmother had 5 children – all girls! My dad had 3 girls. My sister has a girl. I just want a boy.”

As we were leaving, the first girl said of Molly, “Oh, my gosh, what a cute baby – what’s her name? Isn’t she cute?” I’m not sure they noticed Violet was also in the double stroller.

I really couldn’t stop listening. It was fascinating to hear this group of people (probably about my age but not at all in the same space of life) talk about the things that have been the focus of my life in recent years – fertility, babies, and girls, especially. So strange to hear it all rejected in one sense, but still a desire for all of it was there.


I actually worked out on my elliptical today – woo hoo! The first week of my new fitness regimen, I was able to workout during overlaping naps every other day. Then last week I did not get a day with overlapping naps so after a week of no exercise except my training session I was trying to come to terms with the fact that I’d have to get up at the crack of dawn if I was going to exercise (and let me tell you that for a mother who hasn’t slept through the night in many, many moons, that is not an attractive option). Anyway, today I was able to work out during Molly’s nap. I had to put a movie on for Liv and get off the machine a few times to help Violet do something different, but it did work okay. And a disrupted workout is better than no workout at all. Anyway, I’m hoping that working out will become a regular part of my daily routine and will try to be flexible & creative in order to make that happen. JR helped me brainstorm and we came up with some really good options (including pushing the little two in the double jogger while Liv is at school, doing a class at the NI gym after work, and childproofing the garage so that the little ones can hang out with me for 30 min on the elliptical). How about y’all – what has worked for you? I’m really hoping to be more active for the long haul, not just to lose the baby weight, so I’m hoping to get into some really good habits here.


In today’s 7 Quick Takes, Jennifer talks about Meetup.com as a potential for forming playgroups, finding an exercise buddy, etc. I looked around to see what they have in Austin. Surprisingly, I didn’t find a group for baby bunching, Catholic at-home mothers with mild to severe amnesia who enjoy discussing politics & religion. I was, however, intrigued by The North Austin Baby Hikers. We might have to check them out sometime.


Tonight we watched our friends‘ two girls so they could go out to dinner. They are returning the favor in a couple weeks when we leave our big girls with them and go to a wedding. For three hours, we had 5 girls in the house – and Livy was the oldest (at 3)!! It actually went rather well and I was impressed that adding a couple more to the mix really didn’t change things all that much. I do think I will be more sympathetic toward mothers of twins, though (their youngest is 4 months & Violet is 6 months so it was pretty much like twins) because when both babies were hungry, things got a little tense! But all that was quickly forgotten when they showed up with cheesecake when they came for the girls! Yum!

Hope you enjoyed my 7 Quick Takes – be sure to visit Jennifer at Conversion Diary for links to more 7 Quick Takes Friday!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes (take 7)

  1. Nice quick takes! I witnessed a similar conversation in a hippie store one day. The two women were discussing how selfish it was for couples to have more than two children and then one said that she wished she’d had one more and the other said that she wished that she’d had a brother or sister. Geez.

    When I had 3 kids and the oldest was in school, I’d put the other two in the double jogger, walk 1/2 mile, run 1/2 mile, stop to play at the park, then run 1/2 mile and walk 1/2 mile and then we were home again. I sat here wondering why I haven’t done that in so long (exercise with the boys while the girls are in school) and then I remembered that it’s been about 2 degrees here for the last five months. 😉 Good luck!

  2. Yes, I remember you writing about that scenario – I guess people don’t realize the disconnect . . .

    Yes, a definite advantage to living this far South is that it is already spring (with the exception of the last few days that were atypically in the 40s!) and plenty warm to get out and get active. In fact, I better get out & enjoy it before it is so blasted hot I’d have heat stroke if I tried to exercise outdoors!

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