Girls’ Goodybags for Travel – Older Girl Version

Hello blog – long time no see! I have the best of intentions, but somehow life always gets in the way of us spending more time together. We just went on amazing trip to Washington, DC to attend the final profession of my dear friend Sr. Rosalie, MC. I can’t wait to share all the stories & photos! In the mean time, I wanted to update my Girls’ Goodybags for Travel post from a couple years ago because I’ve had several people ask for suggestions since we are in the season of summer travel. Plus, I was just really excited about some cool new products that I wanted to share. The girls each had a backpack and Jake had a few extras in his diaper bag. We used our special items for two flights each way and during the long Mass (3 hrs) for the profession. I noted below what I packed specifically for Mass but I ended up letting them take their whole bag to Mass and they did more of the art stuff than the religious stuff. I must say, though, the bags worked like a charm when it came to keeping them quiet & occupied! So here’s what we included (favorites are marked in bold):

Jake (14 months):

  • toy cars
  • stacking cups
  • rubber duckies – superman & batman
  • finger puppets
  • board books
  • pacifiers, special blanket
  • extra clothes
  • snacks

If I had it to do over, I would have packed Jake’s snakes & lizards. He didn’t seem to have enough to keep him busy. Happily, he slept through two of the three hour Mass and Sr. Rosalie’s sister was happy to walk him around the back of the church for at least 30 min as well! 🙂

Violet (3.75 years):

  • Amazing Paper by Alex (I picked this up at our local toy store, but couldn’t find it on-line. I would highly recommend it for the little ones 2-4. Very fun & no mess!)
  • Disney princess coloring pages – a longtime favorite of the girls
  • Lace & Trace farm animals by Melissa & Doug
  • Wiki Stix alphabet
  • spinning top (similar to these)
  • popper (similar to these)
  • travel cup
  • hand sanitizer, chapstick, camping whistle – this is the only thing I would NOT pack again – not really sure what I was thinking when I packed a shrill emergency whistle for each girl!! Thank God I remembered to take them out before the Mass! 🙂
For the Mass
  • a rosary
  • a little purse full of laminated holy cards
  • some religious books by Jude Winkler

Molly (4.75 years):

For Mass:
Olivia: (6.5):
For Mass:
We also took our backpacking kite, a pop up frisbee and a gertie ball. And one thing that I wish would’ve fit in a carry on is our magnetic pattern blocks set from MindWare. It is another really good toy for keeping them busy and quiet!
When we were at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception bookstore, I found a Jude Winkler book on Mother Teresa! I excitedly bought 4 copies and Sr. Rosalie wrote a few words of inspiration in each copy. So excited to have that special souvenir! The only other souvenir the children got was from the Tooth Fairy. Olivia got a Little Insects stained glass coloring book and $1 for pulling out her own tooth on vacation!
Lastly, in addition to well stocked goodybags, I thought this post had several good ideas in terms of planning ahead for a wonderful trip.
Disclaimer: While most of the links for items are to Amazon, they do not always have the best price. I like to stock up on these kind of items throughout the year when I find a good deal. Several are from Amazon, but especially for the lower priced items, buying locally can be cheaper. For example, we got that Little Insects coloring book at the Rock Creek Park Nature Center for half the price of Amazon.

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  1. You should go into business, Jenny. Write a book with all these suggestions. Any parent traveling could use your ideas and bless you for writing all of them down! Love, G”ma

  2. You are such a creative, well organized mom! No wonder the kids (and their parents!) are able to survive to long trips to see us!

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