Father’s Day Interview 2012

What is your Daddy’s name?

O (6.5 yrs): J.R.

M (4.75 yrs): J.R.

V (3.75 yrs): J.R.

J (1 yr): ow

What does J. R. stand for?

O (6.5 yrs): James Robert (with a little help from mom)

M (4.75 yrs): Daddy

V (3.75 yrs): I don’t know.

J (1 yr): oda

How old is Daddy?

O (6.5 yrs): 33

M (4.75 yrs): I’ll have to count … 23 years old.

V (3.75 yrs): I don’t know.

J (1 yr): ba

What does Daddy do at work?

O (6.5 yrs): Help his boss. Then the boss will thank him for doing his job and will give him money.

M (4.75 yrs): I don’t know what he does, but he has a computer.

V (3.75 yrs): Fix stuff.

J (1 yr): ooooh

Why does he go to work?

O (6.5 yrs): Daddy will use the money to buy food because we need food to live.

M (4.75 yrs): I don’t know.

V (3.75 yrs): I don’t know why he goes there.

J (1 yr): uh!

What is your favorite thing to do with Daddy?

O (6.5 yrs): Ride roller coasters with him.

M (4.75 yrs): Go out and do fun stuff like going to Sea World.

V (3.75 yrs): Go out for pizza.

J (1 yr): (screams)

What is something cool that Daddy has taught you/that you learned from your daddy?

O (6.5 yrs): How to make friendship bracelets.

M (4.75 yrs): letters (the alphabet)

V (3.75 yrs): Camping.

J (1 yr): he wanders off … apparently the interview is over

How do you know that Daddy loves you?

O (6.5 yrs): He cares for me. He helps me when I need help.

M (4.75 yrs): Because he told me so.

V (3.75 yrs): Throws me up in the air.

When you grow up, do you want to be like Daddy?

O (6.5 yrs): Yes, I want to be married like Daddy.

M (4.75 yrs): Yes I want to be a grown up.

V (3.75 yrs): Yes!

What makes Daddy happy?

O (6.5 yrs): When I snuggle him.

M (4.75 yrs): Hugs & kisses.

V (3.75 yrs): Sharing my special blankie.

What’s Daddy’s favorite thing to eat?

O (6.5 yrs): Burgers @ Five Guys

M (4.75 yrs): Fruit.

V (3.75 yrs): Pizza.

What is something Daddy always says to you?

O (6.5 yrs): I love you. Be good. Brush your teeth!

M (4.75 yrs): I love you.

V (3.75 yrs): I don’t know.

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