Father’s Day Interview 2013

What is your Daddy’s name?

O (7.5 yrs): J.R.

M (5.75 yrs): J.R.

V (4.75 yrs): J.R.

J (2 yr): puchow

What does J. R. stand for?

O (7.5 yrs): James Robert

M (5.75 yrs): I don’t know.

(when I asked, do you want to guess, she said, no I want it to be the right answer)

V (4.75 yrs): I don’t know.

J (2 yr): bebachow

How old is Daddy?

O (7.5 yrs): 30 … um … 34 or 33?

M (5.75 yrs): 34?

V (4.75 yrs): I don’t know.

J (2 yr): me

What does Daddy do at work?

O (7.5 yrs): Engineer stuff.

M (5.75 yrs): He works on computers.

V (4.75 yrs): Work on computers.

J (2 yr): work

Why does he go to work?

O (7.5 yrs): Because he wants money to save some and spend some.

M (5.75 yrs): To work on computers.

V (4.75 yrs): I don’t know.

J (2 yr): work

What is your favorite thing to do with Daddy?

O (7.5 yrs): Snuggle & watch TV.

M (5.75 yrs): Roller skating.

V (4.75 yrs): Snuggle.

J (2 yr): work

What is something cool that Daddy has taught you/that you learned from your daddy?

O (7.5 yrs): Tie my shoes.

M (5.75 yrs): He taught me how to clean the coffee table with windex.

V (4.75 yrs): How to say China words.

J (2 yr): work

How do you know that Daddy loves you?

O (7.5 yrs): He’s never mean to me.

M (5.75 yrs): Because I’m his daughter.

V (4.75 yrs): I don’t know.

J (2 yr): Daddy loves you.

When you grow up, do you want to be like Daddy?

O (7.5 yrs): Yes, because he has a cool job.

M (5.75 yrs): Yes, because I want to work on computers.

V (4.75 yrs): Yes, because one time he bringed me to a park with geocaches.

J (2 yr): No.

What makes Daddy happy?

O (7.5 yrs): When me & him go out and do geocaching.

M (5.75 yrs): When he gets things that he wants like hugs & kisses and snuggling.

V (4.75 yrs): Me snuggling him.

J (2 yr): Hide.

What’s Daddy’s favorite thing to eat?

O (7.5 yrs): Grandpa Andrews’ ribs

M (5.75 yrs): He likes to eat at “Bouquet” (the name that Molly gave our kitchen where the chef is Mama and Molly is the server).

V (4.75 yrs): I think it’s pizza like me.

J (2 yr): I don’t know.

What is something Daddy always says to you?

O (7.5 yrs): I love you.

M (5.75 yrs): Goodnight. I love you. Do your steps (morning & evening routines).

V (4.75 yrs): I don’t know.

J (2 yr): Me too.

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