Father’s Day Interview 2015

What is your Daddy’s name?
O (9.5 yrs): J.R.
M (7.75 yrs): J.R.
V (6.75 yrs): J.R.
J (4 yr): J.R.
(wow, first year we are 4 for 4)

What does J.R. stand for?
O (9.5 yrs): James Robert
M (7.75 yrs): James Robert
V (6.75 yrs): James …
J (4 yr): It stands for Dad.

How old is Daddy?
O (9.5 yrs): 38 or 37, I’m not exactly sure. Wait, how old were you when you got married?
M (7.75 yrs): 39? Wait, 37? Well, how old are you?
V (6.75 yrs): 32?
J (4 yr): 4

What does Daddy do at work?
O (9.5 yrs): Supervises engineers. Wait, does he manage or supervise? What’s the difference? Okay, put that he manages engineers at NI.
M (7.75 yrs): He works on the computer.
V (6.75 yrs): He works on a computer.
J (4 yr): He works.

Why does he go to work?
O (9.5 yrs): To earn money for our family so we can buy goods & services.
M (7.75 yrs): To get us money for our family.
V (6.75 yrs): To get money so we can buy food.
J (4 yr): So he can work.

What is your favorite thing to do with Daddy?
O (9.5 yrs): Ride roller coasters.
M (7.75 yrs): Cuddle.
V (6.75 yrs): Watch movies & eat popcorn & drink pop.
J (4 yr): Eat with Daddy at his work, with his friends.

What is something cool that Daddy has taught you/that you learned from your daddy?
O (9.5 yrs): How to tie my shoes.
M (7.75 yrs): How to do a burpee.
V (6.75 yrs): Daddy is teaching me how to ride a bike.
J (4 yr): How to put dog medicine in Red’s throat.

How do you know that Daddy loves you?
O (9.5 yrs): He’s nice. He kisses me and hugs me.
M (7.75 yrs): Because he says it every night.
V (6.75 yrs): When he hugs me.
J (4 yr): I don’t know.

When you grow up, do you want to be like Daddy?
O (9.5 yrs): Yes, I want to be an engineer.
M (7.75 yrs): Yes. I want to have children and be an engineer.
V (6.75 yrs): How can I be like Daddy?
J (4 yr): No. I want to be Spiderman when I grow up.

What makes Daddy happy?
O (9.5 yrs): When I play with him and snuggle him to watch our shows.
M (7.75 yrs): Me cuddling him.
V (6.75 yrs): When I give him a back scratch.
J (4 yr): When I play with him.

What’s Daddy’s favorite thing to eat?
O (9.5 yrs): Steak.
M (7.75 yrs): Sushi.
V (6.75 yrs): Popcorn.
J (4 yr): Hot dogs and I like hot dogs, too.

What is something Daddy always tells you?
O (9.5 yrs): Goodnight, I love you.
M (7.75 yrs): I love you.
V (6.75 yrs): That I’m his favorite.
J (4 yr): Go in time out.

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