Father’s Day Interview 2016

What does J. R. stand for?
O (10.5 yrs): James Robert
M (8.75 yrs): James Robert
V (7.75 yrs): James Robert
J (5 yr): I don’t know. I’ve heard that from my dad’s name…

How old is Daddy?
O (10.5 yrs): 38
M (8.75 yrs): 34
V (7.75 yrs): 34
J (5 yr): 6

What does Daddy do at work?
O (10.5 yrs): Manages people.
M (8.75 yrs): He works on the stuff for the spaceships.
V (7.75 yrs): Work.
J (5 yr): He works like eating and doing stuff on computers and all of that kind of stuff.

Why does he go to work?
O (10.5 yrs): To earn income.
M (8.75 yrs): To get us money so we can pay for our food.
V (7.75 yrs): To get money for the family.
J (5 yr): To work so he can do stuff.

What is your favorite thing to do with Daddy?
O (10.5 yrs): Ride roller coasters and ride bikes.
M (8.75 yrs): Rock climb.
V (7.75 yrs): Rock climb.
J (5 yr): To go to the pool with him.

What is something cool that Daddy has taught you/that you learned from your daddy?
O (10.5 yrs): How to do flips in the water.
M (8.75 yrs): How to do a flip in the water.
V (7.75 yrs): How to rock climb.
J (5 yr): I have learned to share.

How do you know that Daddy loves you?
O (10.5 yrs): He snuggles me.
M (8.75 yrs): Because every night when I go to bed he says I love you.
V (7.75 yrs): He’s part of my family.
J (5 yr): From Jesus.

When you grow up, do you want to be like Daddy?
O (10.5 yrs): Yes, because I want to have kids.
M (8.75 yrs): Yes. I want to be parent just like Daddy. (I said parent because I can’t be a Dad.)
V (7.75 yrs): Yes.
J (5 yr): Yes, I want to be a worker man.

What makes Daddy happy?
O (10.5 yrs): When I hug him & ride bikes with him.
M (8.75 yrs): When the house is all clean.
V (7.75 yrs): When we clean.
J (5 yr): When I do stuff to make him happy like the wacking a ball thing (hitting a baseball off a tee). I can show you.

What’s Daddy’s favorite thing to eat?
O (10.5 yrs): BBQ
M (8.75 yrs): Muscle powder.
V (7.75 yrs): Meat that he cooks on the smoker.
J (5 yr): Ribs.

What is something Daddy tells you?
O (10.5 yrs): There is no try, do or do not.
M (8.75 yrs): I love you.
V (7.75 yrs): Clean the house.
J (5 yr): Get to work. Clean stuff up. My jobs are putting toilet paper away and clean my room and clean all my dirty socks up and my dryer job (empty the lint trap).

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