Baby #4 Status

So I know everyone is anxious to here about Baby Andrews #4’s arrival and we’re anxious to tell you all about it. Now if he’d just decide to come out. We’re getting close though so in order to keep you up to date I’ll be updating this post periodically chronicling our status. That should be easier for us to update via our phone rather than having to do a new post for every little detail. However that means that you’ll have to refresh the page to get the latest info. (Hint: F5 is the shortcut key but don’t take our server down.)

PS: You may also want to go get caught up on pictures on our Picasa site. We were way behind posting photos and figured we should get caught up on last year at least before we post new ones from Baby #4.



We had a scheduled Dr.’s appointment. Everything checked out well. Baby’s heart rate was in the 120’s so maybe he was relaxed and taking a nap. Dr. Love (yes, that is our OB’s name) said that Jenny was dilated 3-4 cm (10 is fully dilated). He said he didn’t expect us to make it past the end of the week.


In the evening there was lots of activity. Jenny had contractions most of the night. The most frequent was about 3 per hour and the guidance is to go the hospital when they are 5-6 per hour. We finally went to bed at about 11. Jenny woke me up at 1 AM with a single bad contraction. She was pretty adamant that I should wake up and do what she told me, which was to get dressed. We finally compromised and I got dressed and crawled back into bed.


The contractions had died down in the early morning, but came back at the 2-3 per hour by 9. I headed to work but came home at 11 to keep Jenny company. Our friends mobilized and enacted the hand-off plan. Amy came and got Molly to take her to school and then picked her up. After picking up Molly, she came and got Violet as well. Another friend picked up Livy from school to take her over to have a slumber party with the other girls.

2:30 PM

We called the Dr.’s office but no one was available to check her so they said to just come into the hospital when we felt the time was right. Jenny was hungry so we went out to Chipotle to try to spice him out.


When we got back to the house I was excited because my new camera lens had been delivered. Just in time.

Then we decided to go for a walk to try go get things moving. It felt like old times with just Jenny, Red, and I.


Now we’re just hanging out waiting for things to pick up. Jenny’s felt kind of bad that when Amy showed up to get Violet, nothing was going on and she felt pretty good. A few contractions but maybe 1 an hour. We spent last night and this morning trying to slow things down so that we could hit a time when it would be optimal to hand off the girls. Now we’re wanting things to pick up. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.


Jenny: “I’m frustrated.”

8: 17

Now we are trying shopping for pacifiers and Chinese food.



Nothing happened overnight. It would have been ideal with having the girls handed off so Jenny was pretty frustrated and we’re feeling bad for Amy and Karl. I keep reminding Jenny that we’re erring on the side of caution and that she really doesn’t want to have this baby in the van on the side of the road. Since contractions come back without warning and Jenny shouldn’t be driving while having a contraction, I’m going to stay home from work today. I might try to make it in for the last meeting of the day (which is “Beer Friday”). But this morning we’re going to go get the monsters girls and go to the outlet mall to walk around a bit before lunch and naps.


Well progress was probably made in the last two days but nothing is going on today. That might mean that when things do happen they might happen fast.



OK, so we weren’t expecting to be here at this point. “Here” being at home and still pregnant. Jenny has still been having contractions on and off but nothing regular. If you’ve ever watched your wife go through labor you know how much of an emotional roller-coaster it can be. Try doing that for 5+ days. No woman should have to endure that (and no husband deserves it either) ((Jenny says I probably do.)) But we’re surviving. I’m going to try to work from home some today and at least get caught up on email. Other than that we’re waiting for our Dr’s appointment Wednesday morning. Jenny isn’t looking to go two weeks past the due date this time like with Violet. I’m not going to keep updating this page anymore since the updates have become less frequent so that you don’t have to keep looking at this page and you can go back to watching for an update in your RSS reader.