I made a post-Easter run to Costco to pick up some Prime Rib roasts (a.k.a. Standing rib roast) on special. We had one for Christmas and it was delicious, not to mention super easy since it was already seasoned and the ribs were trimmed off and then it was tied back together. All you have to do is stick a thermometer in it and throw it in the oven. Before Easter they were $6.99/lbs. (I think, maybe $7.99). But today they were $4.99/lbs. Considering you pay at least twice that for BBQ at Rudy’s to eat out, we couldn’t pass it up. So I ended up getting two roasts, each about 10 lbs., and threw them in the freezer. So there is another reason to be extra nice to us if you are looking for a dinner invite.