Jake at 7 Months

Jake is really coming into his own these days. He’s crawling all over the place and even stood up by himself next to a shelf. He also has two teeth, is eating solid food, and is always starving – or so he acts. We think he is a handsome little guy. Take a look for yourself.

A Walk in the Park

…as seen by Olivia the budding young photographer. But first the back story. I don’t remember when it started but Olivia had wanted a camera. At a friends house she had played with one of those durable kid cameras and put it on her wish list. The instant gratification of seeing the picture on the little screen had lured her in. But being the high tech geek, I just couldn’t swallow buying the toy which would only shoot 640×480 at best. We also had a Canon Rebel XTi DSLR which we used for most of our pictures and a Canon PowerShot SD1000 for videos primarily and time when we didn’t want to carry the larger Rebel. However, last summer Jenny and I got new Android phones which have decent cameras and can record higher quality video than SD1000 so we didn’t use it much. Then at Christmas at my parents house after opening all of their presents, Livy made the comment that she didn’t get the camera that she had wished for. She didn’t throw a fit, but she was disappointed. So I reached into the diaper bag, grabbed our “old” SD1000 and gave it to her. OK so I admit I did it in part just to see what my sister would do. Both Lisa and Livy, and Jenny, had confused faces for a second. Then Livy lit up. Yep, I was serious. That was her camera now. She was very happy and went around taking pictures. She picked up on how to run it pretty quickly and can review her pictures and switch between picture and video mode. Man can she fill up the memory card quick taking videos.

Now to the walk. Earlier this summer we decided to brave the heat and go for a little hike and feed some ducks at a nearby pond. It seemed like a perfect opportunity to take my camera and make it a photo walk. Livy thought that sounded like a good idea too, so she grabbed her camera. When we got back home before looking at her pictures, I figured I didn’t want all of her pictures cluttering up my Picasa on my account so I set her up with her own user account, logged in, and imported her pictures to her account. Low and behold she took some really nice photos. So nice that I figured I’d go ahead and set up an online account for her to show them off. So here is Olivia’s first photo walk portfolio. Note that I didn’t edit, crop, or delete any pictures. This is how Livy saw things and what she chose to take pictures of. Click on the picture below and then the slideshow button to enjoy the show.

A Walk In The Park