Why "Drozmonkey"?

I should probably explain that as I’m sure most people (expect for my college friends) are probably wondering. It all began the first week of college in the dorm. The residence assistants had put name tags on our doors, and mine had my full name “James Andrews”. The first time Nicholas Yager walked by and saw my name, he yelled “Droz”! I knew what he was talking about but he had to explain it to everyone else. It came from the 1994 movie “PCU” where the main character is nicknamed “Droz”. It is only mentioned once or twice that his real name is “James Andrews” but Nicholas remembered and it stuck. Then after a while the “monkey” got added, although that doesn’t have as clear of a history. And so my college nickname was “Drozmonkey”. A funny story is that when Jenny had come to the dorm my 4th year (yes I lived in the dorm for 4 years – the honors’ dorm no less) after she had been studying abroad in Uruguay, she asked a bunch of the guys on the floor where my room was and they had no clue who she was talking about. Finally one of them said, “I think some people call Droz ‘JR’ sometimes”.

So why for our web domain name? Well, all of the obvious domains with our names were taken and rather than picking an odd combination of things that you would end up forgetting, I figured drozmonkey.com would be odd enough to make it easy to remember.

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  1. Didn’t you act the part of a monkey a few times in high school? I don’t know if it would have carried over, but I thought of that immediately when I saw the ‘monkey’ on the end. Hmmm. I may have to dig out that picture.

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